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Posted March 1, 2024 at 9:00 am

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Panel 1

Interior of Ida’s house. The three walk in and see Art wandering, holding several notebooks and writing.

ART: Oh! Hey there!

ART: A new friend!

Panel 2

Angle on Art as he tries to set down his pile of papers and notebooks on the lounge chair.

ART: Here let me just-

Panel 3

Angle on Dawn as she runs toward Art, hands out to greet him.

DAWN: Oh my gosh- Hello!

DAWN: My name is Dawn!

DAWN: Are you Ida’s dad?

Panel 4

Angle on the floor as all of Art’s books drop from his hands

SFX: Clatter, clatter!

Panel 4

Dramatic zoom in on Art’s blank face- wide-eyed.



Panel 5

Dramatic angle as Art falls to his knees, emotionally wounded.

ART: I… I…

ART: Ida’s… dad?

ART: The weight of my years… my body collapses beneath me…